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Like most people, I'm working on consolidating some of my debt into one monthly payment that I can handle. I continue to get phone calls at my house daily from creditors wanting me to apply for their credit cards, loans, etc. I always ask them not to call anymore and hang up.

The other day, I received some documents in the mail that was advertising Discover personal loans to preferred customers. They said I had earned a 5.0 Superior credit rating based on my great financial history. They offered loans from 5K to 25K. I chose to try for the 20K loan, which would pay off my vehicle and all my credit cards for $321 a month. Not a bad deal for me.

So, I call the 800 number and go through the whole process of giving name, addres, SSN, income info, etc. She placed me on hold while my credit report was analyzed. She then comes back to the line about 1-2 minutes later and says that unfortunately she cannot approve my loan request. WTF??

I have a 731 credit score and never paid a bill late. I do have high debt, but it always gets paid on time. My issue is why send out these letters telling people that they are "pre-approved" for these loans and then deny them when they actually try to get one?? I have a Discover credit card and am seriously thinking about transferring the blance and closing the account because of this.

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Like the previous Writer, I also received the same Discover loan solicitation. I'm retired, but enjoy 3 retirement checks, each month.

I also have a high debt that's spread over several credit cards with a very good credit score and consistent on-time payments made. My thought was to consolidate them, but after going through their on-line application, I was denied a loan because of "unsatisfactory trades".


We were approved 3 almost 4 weeks ago....instantly approved....sent us return and were told to expect the money in 7 to 10 business days which equals 2 weeks. Called after reasonable amount of time and was told there was a glitch in their system...so I patiently waited another week and got the same story..they assure me the loan was approved and they are sorry and promised to let us know when the funds would be available....still waiting to get a response....we had borrowed from them in the past and ever had a problem....... Not sure what to do now

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I got the letter in the mail today, I applied through phone as it was much easier for me. I got approved for a 3.5k personal loan to consolidate my credit card debt.

I was at 19.99% and they gave me 11.99% for 36 month term and that's with a 720 credit score.

No hassle at all the first guy we somehow got disconnected and I followed up with another who was very great to talk to. I kept getting denied by other lenders but guess this one was the right one!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #907614

It really is teeming with scams on the internet, really not normal. In one week I lost 500usd for payments.

I had inquiries made ??at Dandy Cash.com

came just disappointed.

I would recommend anyone to advertise on the site.I've only tried it a different website, and when I had finally found someone

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Phil Campbell, Alabama, United States #816704

I received the same mailing but it does NOT say "pre-approved", it says pre-selected...


They advertise to apply for a loan with Discover Personal Loans and then when you call you must have an invitation only. I had an account with them before, and you would think that they would allow me to have another loan, but they said invitation only.

It must have to be an exclusive person to get a loan with them.

Usak, Usak, Turkey #721730

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So you are mad because you didn't get approved? This is not a legitamate review.

It's pure BS.

I had no problem getting approved. Perhaps you should check you credit report.




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Is specialized in providing loans, Since money have been a major problem in our day today life,

We provide loan with 2% interest rate Our loans are well insured and maximum security is our

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Los Angeles, California, United States #651308

I just got $15,000 at 6.99% for 60 months. They make you jump through a lot of hoops just as you would when getting a refi or a car loan, but I haven't seen a better rate.


April 2013 - I applied for, and received approval for $25K at 8.99% interest, 48 month. Credit score is 730. I have about $40,000 in available credit, with $1,000 average monthly balance. One of the cards is a discovercard for $9,000 with a zero balance.

Not sure if I am going to take the loan, but this was a better rate than my bank gave me (which I've been a loyal customer since 1986). The bank said they could get the rate below discover's but they would need to take collateral (2nd mortgage).

For what it's worth...


I see nothing wrong with this loan. Borrowed $9000 and got a 7.99 apr in minutes. Thats with a 750 fico score.

If the invitation doesn't work use another web browser. I tried Chrome and it failed so then I used Explorer and it worked.

I did only have 20% debt out of $45,000 in credit lines ratio so maybe that helped.


discover credit cards suspend accounts for any possible reasons

do you want to deal with a company that suspend accounts for any possible reasons

discover credit cards suspend accounts if you put a wrong pasword more than a certain number of time

they use a unique technology, called "preistoric technology" they sispend accounts for any reason

how is possible that you don't have the same problem with other financial institutuions?

so are they ALL WRONG, execept discover?

the problems with discover credit card

1) they do not clearly indicakes how many times you can try to put the paswords until they suspend the account

2) the don't care about customers time

3) they waste time with preistoric security procedures!- discover

the current year is 2012 (two thousand and twelwe) not 1929!!



i waste my time with this people ,my invitation # never worked ,so called the company and they said that ,the # was not good at all ,why they sended me this f&#%@ letter in the first place :? :( :( :(


This Loan was a great deal since I wanted to consolidate my high APR debt. Applied online and called to complete the process.

Chad (who replied to these posts)completed my application, asked me a few questions and enthusiastically APPROVED me for a low APR on the loan. Then he disappears and didn't call back so I can give him the account info I want to consolidate. I call Discover and was told I was denied. REALLY?

Give hope and take it away. What a WASTE OF TIME.

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